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Q. What is the booking process ?

1) Confirm my availability for your date by filling in the above online form or by calling me on 0408 626 558

2) Lets discuss your event, over the phone, zoom call or face to face.

3) Choose a package that suits and secure a booking with 50% deposit.

Q. What is the payment structure ?

50% deposit secures the date then the balance is due anytime up to 1 day after your event.

Q. Who will be my photographer ?

When you book me, you get me.

There is no messy subcontracting to compromise your day.


Q. When will i receive my photos ?

Photos will be ready between 1 and 3 weeks after the final payment is made.

Q. How will i receive my photos ?

On USB stick (high resolution) as well as on your private password protected online album.

Q. How long is a 'shorter wedding'?

A 'shorter wedding' is defined as 6 hours or less, from start to finish.

Q, How did you become the 'shorter wedding specialist'?

I initially decided to specialise in shorter weddings as i observed that most great photographers at the time were reserving themselves for  'all day' weddings that would earn them more.

As I always truly felt that every  wedding is equally special, whether it is 1 hour or 12 hours, whether the couple has a wedding budget of $3K or $30K, I worked on a business plan that would enable me to make available the very best in wedding photography to as many couples as possible.

Q. What if Covid-19 regulations force me to postpone or cancel my event ?

If you are forced to reschedule your event due to Covid-19 regulations, 100% of your deposit will transferred across to your new booking. If I am not available for your chosen re-scheduled date, I will return your deposit in full. If regulations force you to cancel your event and you do not plan to reschedule, I will return your deposit in full.